Current YouTube site, 2012 – present

This is my current Youtube. To be honest, it’s just a facile repository for fluid video and thoughts and projects and nature videos and experimental work – mostly really raw stuff, DCMA context: artist’s criticism and research.

For example here’s a reading of the introduction to my longform essay Plug/Unplug intermixed with videos capturing the audio project First Contact Project:


First YouTube Site, India, 2007

This was the first time I ever used Youtube – in India as I was turning 40.

I lost the password so this account just hovers in Internet space, inaccessible to me. But my favorite from this is still the actual first video I ever composed and uploaded to the net:


First Vimeo Site, California 2009 – 2011

I like Vimeo. But I still haven’t really had the gear to take advantage of its quality, but there’s quite a bit of good stuff here like my short film

The Outsider Inside

and this bizarre effort I call

Tamil Nadu Suspense

Here’s some of my favorite California landscapes:

and live performances I collected

by Peter Gabriel at the Greek in Berkeley (2012):

Flava Flav Col’ Lampin’ in a ballroom in SF (2011):

Faith No More in Brooklyn (2010):

the moment the SF Giants won the pennant in 2010:

filmed at AT&T Park’s Public House restaurant.


and here’s a badass NYC thing I helped produce called AUDIOMAGAZINE

In Spring of 1998, Brent Kirkpatrick, Gordon Borsa and I produced 5,000 30-minute cassette tapes (15-minute A-side, 15-minute B) of what we called Ting! an audio magazine.

tingaudzine001  tingaudzinebside002

and we scattered them around New York so people could listen to them on their commute and feed back; left ’em on subways and benches and in the park and at bars and restaurants and artshows and whatnot.

Spring of ’98 was special in New York, and this project was about what it sounded like to us seventeen years ago. We collected both natural sounds and produced stuff around New York under the hypothesis that the sounds of New York would be seasonal. It was an incredible project. I mean, this has Kurt Masur conducting Mozart’s Requiem at the helm of the Phil at Avery Fisher on quarter-inch tape! all kinds of crazy stuff.

The following video is only a ten minute excerpt from the hours of stuff we collected, really doesn’t do the project justice, but it does have some text as explanation of how the audio magazine works; the ethos of the project. If you listen closely with earphones and follow the text, it’s better …

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