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BLOGS, 2010 – present

The home page here was at one time my Blog in 2017

During Baseball Season for seven years I was sole author of: Giants Baseball Corner

Here are links to other blogs I’ve produced over recent years:

Kingfish Turkey Shoot Documentary annual team shuffleboard tournament, 2013

The MTK Independent mid-career archive with contemporaneous writings, 2012

Karthik Rajan for Mayor social media campaign for Mayor of SF, 2011

Yesterday’s Hoops covering 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness

Most Hit Blog Posts (5,000+ views)

Review of 1Q84 and Murakami at Mid-Career, literary critique

Explaining Prometheus and the Alien Timeline, film review

On the Kingfish Pub Pursuing Landmark Status, local story


Less is More Enough is Best [2014], collection of poems


47 Poems by M.T. Karthik



Rigo 23, by M.T. Karthik in [W] Art Magazine (in English and Portuguese)

[W]Art003 [W]Art004 [W]Art005 [W]Art006 [W]Art007


WHERE THEY STAND, Source magazine

SourceAug2000 Sourceclip2000 Sourceclipb2000


Shanti, featured fiction, Jane magazine, Condé-Nast

dmtkJane2000002amtkShantiJane2000001 bmtkShantiJane2000b001 cmtkShantiJane2000c002  emtkJane2000toc001


The Judge Who Holds the President-Elect in the Balance, Georgemag.com, Hachette-Filipacchi

Watched election returns in NYC with my colleagues at George magazine, at Editor-in-Chief Frank Lalli’s Upper West Side home. We were a tight knit bunch who had been working Election 2000 together for the previous six months, and it was Lalli’s way of congratulating us with a party. Incredible place, great collection.

Then, election night exploded into the Florida fiasco. Karl Rove appeared on the dozens of screens Frank and his wife had spread throughout the house and everyone saw Florida flip. Several of us immediately left the party. We were in editorial.

We went back to the office and researched all night to post work to the website. We all worked on a few people’s stuff. I got my piece detailing the judge who was hearing the very earliest stages of what would become Bush v. Gore, up online by 10:00 am, as it was happening.

mtkGeorge2000001 GeorgeMagKTRajan


Interviews of Candidates for Public Advocate of New York City

Scott Stringer

First-ever interview of Norman Seigel as a candidate for public office


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