all images © M.T. Karthik 2004 – 2017 

The brand new Oakland Bay Bridge (2015)

New Bay Bridge

Port of Oakland and Double-crested Cormorant (2015)


California Landscapes (2006-11)

Here’s a slideshow of cityscapes (Chicago, NYC, Yokohama, Enoshima, San Francisco) and beachscapes (Madras, India; Oaxaca, Mexico; Hawai’i and Japan):

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M.T. Karthik 2012

a Susheela Raman song really adds to the following vid


The sculptures below were made by my ancestors 1400 years ago.

Here’re some vids about a highway I’ve driven back and forth between SF and LA at least 30 times in my life.

Puerto Escondido, 2004

That last one is dawn over Puerto Escondido

and here are some landscapes from Molokai, Hawaii, 1993:

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