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late on the Interstate

leaving the Crown and Anchor behind us

and not yet in the Continental Club

between KGSR and KUT

I heard you speak beyond your words

for just half a second

It was like the voice I heard in Kenny’s kitchen

that time

the disembodied sound of love

unrealized and pains misunderstood

for just half a second I heard it

my only real evidence of phantoms yet

and I told you I heard it

but that you could take my hand and walk away

How happy I was when you pulled my hand

my arm, my whole body

up and over

and tugged me running breathlessly

through Klimten fields

of dandelion

and tall, green, flowing grass


sweet and naked

sweet Phebe

stripped of the clothes we wore

in that car

late on the Interstate

and the lipstick you applied

outside the doors

of the Continental Club



(for Julie)