Yo baubles here’s one from the top of the telephone
Talking coast to coast – me at work in Manhattan
you in Berzerkely at yo mama’s home

You said:

“She’s a creative director … (so she says).
so I’m supposed to understand
she’s a fashion director for a magazine

“I say two words-and she says ‘SF Moda?’
And I start to say, “No, I didn’t say –”
(that’s not what I said)

“And she says, “Why yes, I do work for SF Moda … You’re a DJ? I know you from somewhere …”

“Turns out she was “winnie d’s roommate”

“but I never been to winnie’s house … dummy-”

Then baubles, you told me ‘bout how she was

And said she was and how she wasn’t and said she was and how she said and said and said

But then you set it straight with that big brown shuffle of yours.

‘cause from the tail end of that call I can still hear you sayin’:

“baby, we don’t need to talk … in fact, it’s best that you don’t –
I can give you a lyric sheet and we can make some beautiful music together.”

(phone convo with DJ Consuelo), mtk, nyc, 1998