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To: Staff at KPFK, 90.7fm, Los Angeles, CA

From: News Director, M.T. Karthik

Re: Labor Day 2003

Friends, enemies, colleagues, compatriots, Pacificans, idealogues and free radicals – a quick note at the end of summer:

Summer 2003

Systematic Claims by the Pentagon that the Occupation of Iraq was wrapping-up, with quick, public replacements (in television terms) of all major players involved in the actual conflict. Powell for Rumsfeld, Garner for Franks, McClellan for Fleischer, Folksy Bush taking advantage of the summer to do the one thing he does well … chumminess with  boorish, Fourth-of-July loving Amerikka (Bush’s Birthday is right around then)

Franks was retired quickly and out of sight because he was named in the ICC lawsuit by nineteen Iraqis (Bush actually thanked Franks by name in the “End of the War” reality TV Show he produced for May 1st on the USS Lincoln) and the diplomatic flap resulting over threats from the US against Belgium in NATO and this has led to the current split over EU/NATO Security Issues. By contrast, Fleischer got a resignation party, the image of an honorable discharge.

The Establishment of a puppet council of 25 men, many of whom have not been in Iraq for more than twenty years. This Council has a red, white and blue flag and at least one of its members, Ahmad Chalabi, is actually a convicted criminal – a man who stole from Jordanian interests via a family-owned entity called Petra Bank.

The USA Sucks commentary on Fourth of July

Car bombed the United Nations, assassinated envoy. Truck-bombed the Jordanian Embassy, and continuous guerrilla warfare against Anglo-American forces leading to more deaths of American soldiers since Bush declared war over and Iraq free.