07 June 2004

Dear Staff:

on my sixteenth birthday when he first announced something called Strategic Defense Initiative or SDI – which later became called “Star Wars” technology in vernacular media


my father and I were disgusted at his gall and agreed Reagan was an idiot.


we sought in vain the names of those for whom he was a useful idiot.


I was always disgusted by him and his people. Their every action was unctuous and covered in a slick, plastic veneer,


bloated, arrogant, dumb, pushy, hyper-powerful, wasteful, “let me tell ya this” and “well, let me just say this about that” and the fucking bullshit sports metaphors and the asinine posturing all the while arming this whole world to the teeth – granting massive contracts to these companies here in Cullyfornia.


Feigning loss of memory … “honestly, I don’t remember,”

smiling, shaking his head – bobbling really – like one of those dashboard dolls making a mockery of us all for his wealthy cabal.


refusing for his entire first term to utter the word “AIDS” or “HIV” and letting half a decade of deaths just happen without funding for research because of his bigotry against gays.


the arrogant cowboy shit


arming Osama bin Laden to the teeth and giving him sacks of cash.


raiding Granada to look tough-guy



de-humanizing other world leaders

making Qaddafi a model for GHWBush to stretch to Noriega and Saddam Hussein

 The US Central-American policy of Reagan years extending Nixon/Kissingers squashing of democratically-elected Marxist and Socialist governments in the hemisphere.



 Nancy. “Just Say No.” What fucking hypocrisy.


Reagan died years ago I say – and his family just kept drawing the check.