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November 22nd didn’t happen for me.
It disappeared in the space-time void caused by crossing the dateline and traveling for 20 hours on a 777 from SFO to Seoul.

Now it’s the 23rd, Thursday at 315am in Singapore where the airport is pretty quiet. But for teenagers with semiautomatics, managers with clipboards and baristas, pie-eyed at their coffee stands.

A girl slept at one of these – I could have taken anything … from her coffeeshop and she would never have known.

I was tempted. But didn’t.
Landed and watched “Live and Let Die”
In the free movie theater they have here .. what a weird zone.
I can sleep for six hours in a hotel for $40 I have $255. I slept well on the plane and so figure I’ll stay up as long as possible so I can get the most of my six hours sleep time when I finally take the room – if I take the room

I don’t really feel tired. A little hungry … but not for something gross.

Enough about what I am feeling all the fucking time. I feel like Nathaniel Hawthorne.

edits are the slicing away of all that shit toward a clean expression.

Off to munch.
Next entry will be November 23.