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In an epic performance that can NEVER be replicated, like 300-game-winning pitchers in baseball, Lloyd Dangle set the endurance bar so high for a weekly political cartoonist with his 22-year run of Troubletown – it won’t happen again.

I heartily congratulate Lloyd on two plus decades of newsworthy, contemporaneous, well-conceived commentary and satire in an original format of caricature of our most prominent figures. I am so very proud of him – a great American.

Troubletown was important to me as a college student in the political science department at UT Austin in the late 80’s to know I wasn’t alone feeling so profoundly opposed to Reagan/Bush era policy. (I was, after all, surrounded by the very voters who first gave Austin’s majority to a Republican for President). I have met others for whom Dangle’s strip functioned like this – a beacon in the dark madness.

Over the years, through Bushes and Clintons and wars and Obama, the Troubletown books remain an excellent repository of many sidelined stories – the stories of the losing sides during the 30-year cold freeze of Reagan/Bush Doctrine – and as an archive must not be undervalued.

So after 22 years, the socio-political satire Troubletown by Lloyd Dangle has come to an end with

this last comic strip

which will be published this week in the Guardian in SF, the Chronicle in Austin, Progressive Magazine, the Alibi of Albuquerque, Tucson Weekly and elsewhere.

I recommend you tear it out and keep it.

Thanks Lloyd, for an epic run.