For the last several years, I have been extremely disappointed in the so-called coverage of elections as advanced by Tim Redmond of the Bay Guardian. Today, I commented on the SFBG’s site over his current appproach:

Tim Redmond:

We have $800million+ deficit and no meaningful opposition to corporate-controlled policy makers shoving development and tax breaks for corporations through at an insane rate.

The pensions and salaries are so out of control that three very dangerous things are happening: voters are folding right into “austerity measures” as the only way out, rapacious investors are dropping in like angels from outside to finally take a piece of our town – which we have resisted for so long, and the cronies of these developers and companies are stampeding over our Government agencies and offices, effectively buying our politicians.

We need real leadership from an outsider to put the brakes on.

Leland Yee? John Avalos? Tim, you have been so bad these last few years. You cling to some old mode of covering politics – worse, without significant competition, you’ve grown into an editorialist who tells people who to vote for, for months all the way up to election day, rather than allowing the process to reveal the best candidate. Your critical skills – which you had for years – have become profoundly dimmed.

And it’s terrible that you would take this approach in an Instant Runoff Election – actually it’s anti-democratic.

IRV – instant runoff voting – only works if everybody gets educated to each of the candidates and cares about them. It is about coalition building. It’s about NOT choosing someone till the end. It’s about exploring ALL the options and trying to put together a ticket in your mind. You should be teaching this and doing lots and lots of educating about IRV and all the candidates.

I am so offended by your behavior since 2007, Tim. I am sorry to say it, but I am.

Voting Karthik Rajan, first, Terry Baum or John Avalos second and third ensures we can get ahold of what has spun out of our control. I have the skills to put together whatever form of government John or Terry Baum or other progressives want, without influence from high-ranking Democrats or others (i.e. former Mayor Newsom’s people all planted in positions since his departure).

We share so many values, you and I, and all your readers. You do me a disservice by “covering” this election the way you do. Have the courage not to dismiss me and rather to consider:

Thank you,
Karthik Rajan