UPDATE: MUNI rank and file voted 994-488 against the contract! (Who’s their counsel? I’m dismayed) and have sent contract to the Prop G – demanded arbitrator, whom they are meeting today. From the Chron:

“… the union blamed the contract rejection in part on what it called inaccurate descriptions of the contract by a management spokesman shortly after the tentative pact was reached. “The actions by management’s spokesman created a sense of mistrust and confusion that was hard to overcome,” said Rafael Cabrera, president of Local 250-A.”

[This points to a single individual here]


First, my gratitude to Local 205-A, MUNI Operator’s Union reps and the City for negotiating the contract successfully without interruption of service.

Thanks to the Union for understanding the current economic situation for the City and so many of its residents and for:

– relenting on PT hires and

– allowing for the 3-year wage freeze and

– accepting greater oversight by management.

The Union has been reasonable. It means a lot. The question as to whether Prop G was necessary to force such reasonableness should be laid aside in favor of a new dawn in the relationship and a new way of looking at sharing the burden in the City. When I talk about “San Francisco Austerity Measures,” these are the kinds of sensible negotiations we need. Let us consider it a start.

Second, to the increasing numbers of people who seem to think it would not be unfair, wrong and perhaps illegal to let Interim Mayor Lee run for Mayor this year in November: I profoundly disagree. Please consider the previous post, in which I detail why.