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No one I know who can remember being 27, can conceive of the position you have created for yourself, young man.

I just read your letter to the shareholders published in FT.

You have been laboring a decade on a single project, your first – and you’re not even 30.

The move you are making today, Mr. Zuckerberg, is epic. I am surprised by your sturdiness. The scale of ego projected upon you in context is nothing short of an assault by personalities who have no concept what the thing you are producing even is – yet use it daily. The commitment to effort in the face of such an assault is inspiring. You are being called an idealist solely because of your age – it’s a cheap criticism.

This morning it was by chance my 300th Tweet which read:

“Zuckerberg’s thorough. and, frankly withstands criticism with less public rancor than his predecessors. FB’s unprecedented. Z siezes mantle.”

Because I am impressed. Not awed. But pretty impressed by the commitment and effort. The self-reliance the IPO displays is equally impressive. I would caution it’s possible to hold on too tightly to one concept. It’s early  in your career, no matter how successful.

Best of luck,