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I beg you NEVER to create a wiki entry for MTK as it is understood by you to mean me, because for some time now I’ve been concerned about Wiki-culture’s perceptions of truth. Real-world arguments – in pubs, restaurants, cafes, galleries and even libraries and classrooms –  are being built on pseudo-intellectual wiki-bullshit.

Timothy Messer-Kruse’s piece concerning his area of historical research and the “editors” of the wiki world is very disconcerting.

read it here:

Of course the defense of broadening what is and isn’t “just” about the U.S. Justice system is the slipperiest slope of all; it’s just one of the thin veils of our nation exposed.

Let’s build a better USA, together, with honesty. Let us expose sophistry, sycophancy and propaganda from what we collectively, slowly, globally begin to define true.