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It was amazing how none of us knew or suspected up to the last minute.

I was at the park yesterday with my son and we had no idea. We got there early to watch BP and see if any of the players would sign autographs (Thanks, Jeremy Affeldt!).

Then a family of four came walking up the aisle wearing crisp, new Melkman hats and I heard the daughter say, “Daaaaad … why am I wearing this? They just suspended Melky for 50 games!” and I laughed out loud.

She clearly didn’t want to be at the park wearing a silly hat her Dad bought her, so I figured someone was just telling her that to annoy her and she was not informed enough to know it wasn’t true.

Ten seconds later, I sat, stunned, holding my mobile phone staring into space – Melky Cabrera suspended 50 games for violating substance abuse policy of MLB.

Oh Melky, why? Oh Sabean, Why? Oh Bochy, Come On!

Finally today, after hours of being stunned and speechless, I was able to make a joke:

SF Giants Fans are now lactose intolerant – is there a guy named Soy available out there who could play left field?