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I’ve voted in every election since 1984, eight times for President. I’ve voted for a handful of Senators, and dozens of Representatives, Propositions and candidates for lower office, including judges.

I have voted in Texas, New York and California and once voted absentee from Taiwan – when I cast possibly the most distant vote for Ann Richards for Governor of Texas.

I covered elections for George magazine, Pacifica Radio and local newspapers and went through the Florida Fiasco of 2000 with writers and colleagues in New York City who were also covering the Election.

I covered Bush vs. Kerry for Pacifica and particularly KPFK radio 90.7fm, Los Angeles.

Today, it doesn’t feel good to vote. Not pointless, because the propositions here in California are a strong form of democracy and represent the political will of our State, but basically I feel as though most of the votes I ever cast did nothing to progress our nation on what I consider to be the best path.

At 45, I grow more isolated in my worldview.

Well, off to vote.

My vote:

Yes on Propositions 30, 34, 37, B1

No on Propositions 32, 38, A1


Incumbents President Barack Obama and Representative Barbara Lee

Ranked Choices, Oakland City Council District One: 1.Raya, 2.Kalb 3.MacCleay

Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland City Council

Mary London, School Board

Barbara Parker, City Attorney

Rebecca Saltzman, BART Board