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With a name like that there was no way it could last.

Over the last few years, it was hilarious trying to tell anybody who hadn’t heard of you about this rap act I really liked. Mind you, since I’m in my forties most of these people hate what they think of as rap anyway, so were already staring at me skeptically when I said:

“They’re called Das Racist”

“Das what?”

Then I’d spell it and they’re like, “Are they German?”

Then I’d be like, “No, it’s like saying (point at something), ‘see that right there … Das Racist!'”

“Oh. Where are they from?

“(sigh) Well, they’re two guys who met at college out East, one’s an Indian kid from Queens (and if I’m talking to a South Asian, here’s the Telegu/Punjabi sidebar) and the other’s from the East Bay, Kool A.D., Tricky Vicky Vasquez …

“Oh, and they have a hype man ….”

Selling something called Das Racist would be a marketing nightmare. Which is why I usually didn’t give a shit whether whomever I was telling this to was really getting it or not. It became a patter I’d use to measure them while they stared at me blankly.

Which reminds me of a lot of your lyrics.

I have really enjoyed the ridiculous package of craziness. Intellectually and poetically and conversationally and literarily and every other adverbally …the stuff was smart and hot.

Unfortunately both the shows I tried to see out here in SF went pear-shaped (first one got moved from the Down Low to Ruby Skye so the crowd was lame and the PA at the second sounded not good). I never got the cohesive, rap band vibe, live … shame. No big deal, though. I don’t blame ya. It ain’t easy, and especially when you don’t really want to be doing it. Forget the dumb shit and appreciate what was great.

To me, it makes total sense you’d split. I associate with each of your ‘products’ differently and in two different parts of my mind.

With Himanshu, our connection to South Asian culture mixes with what my experiences were living in New York City for five years (North Brooklyn at the turn of the millennium – left after 9/11). Whereas with Victor, it’s a Bay Area thing. I love the Bay. So I think I hear some differences in style and approach. Myself, I’m a NorCal man and know I could never live in NYC again.

It seems more amazing that what just happened happened at all. It was thrilling you guys were so ballsy and spit what you spit during that run.

ups to Ashok, Lakutis, Danny, Gandhi, Amaze, and all the rest of the music-making crew. I have it in permanent rotation now.

Thank you, Das Racist, for what was the best rap act of the last four years.

mtk, Oakland, CA