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Welcome to The MTK Independent, a blog made to document much of the art and writing I produced until the age of 45.

For example, I shot all the video and images on this site – like the revolving photos in the headers of Asia, Europe and the Americas. To check out more of my photography – categorized by flora, fauna and landscapes – or to see collage and sketches from over the years, use the TABS in the menu up top.

There are also short stories, journal entries, essays, paintings, drawings and lots more here; stuff I did as a kid. You can use search terms like “conceptual art” or “short fiction.”

Or try the category cloud: click a category, like journalism or photography or fiction or short film and you’ll be taken to a comprehensive list of posts in that category in reverse chronological order from top down. Same applies to places: Oakland, NYC, SF, LA, Asia, to search by date, scroll the archives list in the sidebar which goes back 30+ years by month.

MTK, Oakland, December 31, 2012

A Couple of Post Script Videos

In 2014 I was interviewed about my process and this candid clip from the end of that interview sums up my desire to change direction.



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