Been a while … ha!

The Giants turned it around with an eight game winning streak in which neither Peavy nor Cain hurt us, ’til Peavy finally did. It’s put us up 3.5 games on the NL West and with The Big Horse’s effort on Preakness Day against the Cubs? The best team in the league? It felt really really nice

Lincecum signed with the Angels … that happened.      sigh.

Tim Lincecum signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to be a starting pitcher in a struggling rotation for a one-year contract. It’s really tough for us to have memories or nostalgia about Timmy. I just feel so sad he isn’t a Giant. We love Big Time Timmy Jim around here. He brought us our first World Series Championship. and was the stable force against great talent like Strasborg. and when he had his 1000th strikeout against the Nats as well.

We will always love the lithe little Freak with ice in his veins who beat the Phillies and Rangers to bring San Francisco its first World Series Championship.

Jason Heyward made an incredible catch at the yard and reminded me of Pagan or Freddy Sanchez throwing himself out too early. That said. It was a great catch and luckily he’ll be okay.

I think Casilla is getting a bum rap.

Peavy is a nightmare.

Crazy that we can beat the best team in baseball behind Madbum tonight.

We should.