It’s opening day! Madison Bumgarner vs. Zach Greinke in Arizona. Here’s your starting lineup:

  1. Denard Span – CF
  2. Brandon Belt – 1B
  3. Hunter Pence – RF
  4. Buster Posey – C
  5. Brandon Crawford – SS
  6. Eduardo Nuñez – 3B
  7. Jarrett Parker – LF
  8. Joe Panik – 2B
  9. Madison Bumgarner – P

Grant Brisbee wrote that the Giants considered using MadBum in the 8-slot! But that the serious shortage of left-handed batting made it unrealistic.

I miss the switch-hitting Panda. He’s in pretty good physical condition this year and I think Boston just might start getting some value from ol’ Pablo, the greatest bad-ball hitter in recent memory.

I hope so. I’d be happy for him.

I got nothing. Just needed to dust this off for the season.

Happy Opening Day, Everyone.