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What a wee little part of a person’s life are his acts and his words! His real life is led in his head, and is known to none but himself.

                                           — Mark Twain


I’m artist and author M.T. Karthik, known as Karthik or MTK

and though I agree with Twain, I’ve put together this mid-career archive of many of my acts, thoughts and ideas. Here you’ll find writing and documentation of many things I made and performances I gave until the age of 50.

Existence is beyond our capacity to define,” is something Lao-Tzu is said to have taught,

and though I agree with the great Chinese teacher, my active, human, mortal mind generates absurdities, abstractions and concrete expressions and I travel, attempting to organize it all, to put it all together, to label and name parts of it and to understand how others name and label parts of it. I study the taxonomy of species around me.

In the four decades covered here, I circled the world four times, living for years mostly in California – the San Francisco Bay AreaLos Angeles – but also in New York City, New Orleans, Austin, San Antonio, Japan, India and Taiwan.

I have not landed. I don’t own property. I am mostly of nowhere and homeless. Neither my birth nation nor the nation to which I am naturalized cares for me – I am unknown in both. I’m most like ash on the wind or a stone skipping across a lake. But I’ve attempted to weave an expression of some things I saw and understood, for unknown readers.

To that end, I wrote everything on this site – the poetry, essays, fiction and reviews – and produced all the video and photographs (all the images in the headers above) and, in 2017, occupied the node mtkarthik dot org and removed advertising so you can peruse free of distractions.

You can follow me currently on my Youtube site where I post videos like this:



M.T. Karthik

Oakland, 2012 and San Antonio, 2017