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This site is a treasure trove of memories. I created it when I was 40, updated it when I was 50, and now at 55, I am blogging here contemporaneously. Today begins a series of posts entitled Time Travel in ’22 with MTK (categorized 22TimeTrav) in which we link back to the archive to posts that are on or around today’s date.


30 Years Ago … photographed families on two-wheelers in Taiwan.

25 Years Ago … mailed a ‘letter to the editor’ of The New Yorker magazine.

17 Years Ago … recorded cicadas in Kamakura, Japan.

12 Years Ago … wrote the very first post for Giants Baseball Corner, entitled, “Eleven to Eleven in the bottom of the Eleventh,” it’s a perfect memory.

10 Years Ago … took a photo of summer flora in Oakland.

8 Years Ago … wrote about my concerns for the Buddy Calk Trailhead of the Leon Creek Waterway in San Antonio, Texas.

5 Years Ago … wrapped up Giants Baseball Corner, it went on hiatus for three years, and wrote an explanatory post about what you could find here, since that was the year I added all the other stuff.

There you go: thirty years of August tenthishness in:

Taiwan, NYC, Japan, San Francisco, Oakland and San Antonio.

with love from,

M.T. Karthik

Space and Time Traveller