Bienvenue, Wilkommen, Saludo and Greetings:

This site is mostly in English. Constructed in 2012, it covers about forty years of my life, using a free WordPress template from back then. I’ve never changed the layout. I pay for the dot org myself and it is completely non-commercial. My only objective is to share my thoughts and ideas and to engage with a wider audience in the future through other means.

Know that this site is not selling anything. You can peruse peacefully.

It’s best viewed as a full site, on a computer, laptop or pad. Unfortunately, the least effective way is the mobile version, where all the menus and categorizations are unavailable for immediate view. Still, on the mobile version you can hit the “full site” option, or at least use the menus – on the upper left – or try categories or search terms.

I’ve never been on F*cebook, in my opinion a horrific invention of an ignorant, arrogant, uncultured American, Mark Zuckerberg. FB has done more to steal people’s creativity and individuality and their ability to think for themselves than any invention in history. I never wanted him to own my content, so instead, I stuck to blogging. But please, feel free to share anything you find here on FB and advance the content.

I joined Twitter on the 4th of April 2011 and left Twitter on 4th of April 2021. The ten years I spent there can be found @mtksfbay. Again, please, feel free to share anything you find here on Twitter and advance the content – or on Instagram or TikTok or whatever the latest app may be.

By sharing it from here, it’s tagged with my handle, MTK.

I continue to use my Youtube channel @MTKarthik but other than that, I can not be found on social media. This means I have had far less reach than almost anyone with a decent number of followers on FB or Twitter. But it also means that there are no ads and what you find here are all my original thoughts, art and writing, made from without that world. Know that this site is not selling anything. You can peruse peacefully.

I concluded this blog in 2017. But restarted it just for the year of 2022 in reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the ten years of this blog’s existence, I have had a few thousand readers. I thank each and every one of you. Occasionally looking at stats and seeing you exist has meant more to me than you can possibly know. As a writer and artist this is the last safe venue for me to express myself freely, unburdened by commercial demands or the need to satisfy the “social media” construct – entertainment content.

Soon I will be publishing long form writing and producing some large scale art again, after a hiatus of many years. I hope you will look for my name – M.T. Karthik – and engage when possible. I am 55 years old now, remain generally unknown and continue to produce content that follows the methodologies and ideation you can find here: pacifism, internationalism, syncretism, and rationalism remain at the heart of what I do.

Hope I run into you someday and we can collaborate to help this world. Til then, good bye and good luck.


M.T. Karthik

Puducherry, India

December 31, 2022