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we are not afraid to die
and we have not yet decided why to live
and that is how we come here
and drink beer

and light
cigaret after cigaret
at chiaroscuro tables
watching each other
get older

These years will wash past us
and we’ll find ourselves buying cd’s of this stuff
so we can remember

our youth and firmer flesh
as we drink special shakes and cut out salts
and go for walks

of firmer flesh:
I want to lick her tummy
the waitress I mean

with the sweet, soft curves and the flat skin

It’d be nice
to spell my name
in honey
on her tummy
with my tongue

I must remember to ask

I’ll decide why to live

and with that decision
improvisation gives over to order
spontaneity to analysis
and jazz,
jazz gives over to orchestra

with only opera to keep my heart
in the action at all

opera and sex