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To: William P. Martin

From: M.T. Karthik

re: poetry

I don’t need an agent so much as an organizer.

geoffrey goldman, goldberg, goldstein, goldy gold …

The poems should be organized into categories. All the love poems together. The war poems and death  poems may be trysted with the questions that tether life and death to infinity but they must remain separate from the personal reflections to friends (save elegies of course which may be included for their gravity)

Poems on the nature of fruits, plums and vegetables (not fruits) must not fall under their own category.

Poems about places which include foreign locales (places that aren’t home) should go together but ought to be subcategorized between personal home poems and foreign locale poems in order to separate identity from geography.

These too (2) should be together and all of the groupings should have titles although individual works may be left untitled. Parenthetically, only one kind of poem may stand alone (although it may serve to introduce or conclude)

cold, alone, aloof and barren of the sensation of taste

or of beauty


shall stand the poems about poems