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It’s Time Trav number two!

This is the second of a series of posts entitled Time Travel in ’22 with MTK (categorized 22TimeTrav) in which I link back to the archive to posts from on or around today’s date. Meta. In this case it’s links from the month of October over the last 38 years.


38 Years Ago … at twilight, I took this picture with 35mm film of Matt Sherwood and John Gentz

28 years ago … Kenny Trice took this picture of me having a cigar on Ocean Beach

27 years ago … I wrote a poem entitled “Memorandum” – (really liked this one, think stylistically it was ahead of its time)

26 years ago … wrote more poetry in my journals

25 years ago … wrote my first koan. And a short story called, “We,” – the editors of The New Yorker hand-wrote a rejection on one of their cards that read, “this is more like one we’d publish,” or something like that. Was thrilled to receive that, I remember

24 years ago … MY THIRD NOVEL! “Karna’s Conflict,” was completed. Originally typewritten in three days, this unappreciated gem was posted online before and during the Millennium

23 years ago … wore a shirt that read “Fuck Rudy,” to the Sensation exhibit at Brooklyn Museum of Art, when Mayor Rudolph Giuliani tried to censor it

20 years ago … produced this music video with Frank Sosa using footage by A.P. Ferrara from the massive protest against war as a reaction to 9/11 that was held in Washington, D.C.

19 years ago … I covered the Recall Election that installed Arnold Schwarzenegger Governor of California for Pacifica Radio and BBC drive time radio in the UK

17 years ago … completed the artist’s book, dereliction, which now resides in the permanent collection at Stanford. I was very proud of that one. Hello, Stanford? Get in touch.

15 years ago … recorded the sound of an F/A 18 Jet as it screamed over my head during Fleet Week in San Francisco

14 years ago … finished a short story  I had been working on for the previous seven years, entitled: “Before You Came.”

13 years ago … attended Steph Curry’s first game and filmed it with digital camera!

12 years ago … The Giants won the pennant and I was with the fans at the yard

11 years ago … ended my campaign for Mayor of San Francisco

10 years ago … the Giants won the world series again

8 years ago … they did it again

5 years ago … reviewed “Manhattan Beach,” by Jennifer Egan

There you go: thirty-eight years of Octobers in:

San Antonio, New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco.

I never sought recognition or made much of an effort to promote myself. That’s why I put everything here. I still seek help to publish and produce both work from the past and current work and am, as always, open to proper collaboration that could get me wider reach, without compromising the identity I have worked so hard to maintain.