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United Nations Security Council Proceedings
FEB 05, 2003
simultaneous translation via e-mail chat
[final three pages, rush transcript]

M.T. Karthik: Germany now. crash of space shuttle/condolences
thanking powell for info … emph. that the UN is the place for this

(QUOTE) findings have to be examined carefully
findings of powell co-incide with much of our other info
we must work with all info to clarify quickly and fully
and iraq has to answer elements provided today by powell
this is why the sanctions w/ no-fly exist

iraq must disarm

the presence of the inspectors has already effectively reduced the threat

but still the full disarmament is goal of res. 1441

iraq must answer w/out delay.

future trips by blix and baradei

1441 provides for the tools … the dangers of military action and its conseq.
are plain to see. we must continue to seek peaceful solution

in the world of the 21st century the un is

MTK says: (wow, idealistic words) …

(QUOTE CONTINUED) on the basis of 1441 we need to enhance the instruments

we need a tougher approach

by tightening inspections we are creating an opportunity for a peaceful solution

french colleague made proposals we should consider (wow)

MTK says: sounds like … USA/UK/SPA/BUL/CHILE vs.
IRAQ has now been invited to speak …

(QUOTE) my delegation extends congratulations to Germany on assumption of the presidency of the council.

we wish we had more time than a few minutes to rebutt a two-hour presentation and  accusation by Powell … I shall be polite and brief.

the pronouncements in powell’s statement are utterly unrelated to the truth

no new info was provided

mere sound recordings that cannot be ascertained as genuine …

you might have seen me smile when the tapes were played here

(QUOTE, CONTINUED) there were words I will not translate

there are false assumptions, incorrect assumptions etc … in this tape

S. Hussein has said we are totally with/out WMD.

we have been saying it for over a decade.

Christopher says: (is that Aziz?)

MTK: powell could have saved all of us the time by providing the info to the UNMOVIC and IAEA (no … another foreign minister)

Christopher says:(valid point)

MTK: (REPEAT) Powell could have saved all of us the time by providing the info to the UNMOVIC and IAEA

(QUOTE CONTINUED) at any rate the forthcoming visits by Blix and co. on 8th will continue to verify …
… detailed info coming
and we are working daily w/ inspectors.
… NOV 27, 2002 … inspectors cranked up with more than 250 UNMOVIC and IEAE staff  including more than 100 inspectors
as of FEB 4 of this year: 575 inspect. 321 sites
sites named in bush’s report sept 12, 2002, and blairs report and cia reports topped the lists by inspectors … and they ascertained all allegations were not true

this confirms we are w/out WMD.

water, soil, plants and air samples were taken.

factory remnants and production remnants from vast areas

throughout iraq

analyses … show … conclude: absence of any indication of prescribed chem,
bio or radiological agents or of any …
(DETAILED etc …)


MTK says: Blix confirmed – Times, Jan 30, 2003
gotta go … sorry Christopher, have to run to the station now …

Christopher says: I gotta run myself

Christopher says: I’ll find you later

Christopher says: thanks for all that

MTK says: seems like UN standing in way of USA/UK to me