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We push, sit upon and ride the half-ass, trickety jalopy we call the Internet at the dawn of international communication in real-time, awaiting a sensibility to take hold of the government that isn’t fundamentalist Christian and radically right-wing or from Texas with a hardline agenda or wearing an elephant tiepin in the form of the flag of the United States of America.

It is apparent and obvious to absolutely everyone now that the United States of America is occupied by a political force that can only be called a faction. This faction controls communications media with near-absolute restriction of content, controls agencies that monitor, manage and distribute the collective funds of the largest bank account in the world, and controls the military to which it granted 400 Billion dollars last year, the best funded, most powerful war machine on earth.

Among the fools in this faction there are elderly bigots who are given swan-songs of attention, there are hyper-militarily minded protocol hounds who have seized the language they wrote only two and a half generations ago. There are House Niggers. And House Wiggers, too. House Immigrunts.

All have been seized by soldier mentality and blood-lust – that is the stage play CNN, NPR, PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, HBO, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and every major news outlet in the United States is meant to project because what has happened is:

The free-est economy in the world puffed itself up for eight years – wrapped itself into a Y2knot by getting dumbed into a hitch in the 90’s – and had to be “system re-booted.”

Thus, 9/11.

When all intranet debts were erased by a tidal wave of media, all pumping the same fiction (a well-known – not obscure – mafia move). All the drunk parasites clinging to the largest multi-media assault on international humanity ever attempted by any country, any peoples.

This faction is guilty of producing, staging and titling “9-eleven” to salvage the failing economy and stimulate younger generations of participants into their System of Society. They do this with pride.

We witness these people drop megatons of death from the sky upon the heads of others, elsewhere, anywhere in the world they wish. These, who have said aloud – and continue to say it – they believe they are doing God’s work: murder, manipulation of masses, demagoguery, espionage, political deceit, covert operations, corporate protectionism over truth and environmental needs.

(and their remains this stubborn question of “whiteness”. A demon they have given political birth to and won’t let go of. This ugly American Racism born from the evilest of the fictions they claim … the “discovery”of “Colombus”).

How does one address a bigot? How does one approach an enraged fundamentalist in order to seek common human spirit and tranquility among us all? One imagines s/he is most susceptible during religious ceremonies, when they claim to be open to God’s word.

The Peace Movement is God Asking Humanity to Stand Down.

Make Peace. Calm yourself and your species of its ill-will and avarice. Earth hangs in the balance. Human arrogance deafens and dumbs you in the delicate comfort of your anonymity.

Put a stop to it.

Americans United to Stop War
we must learn to do without oil

mtk 12/20/2002 Los Angeles