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Since the Exploratory Committee began in November of last year, we have had steady growth in numbers of followers and I haven’t addressed it in some time, so I thought I’d just write a quick note to welcome new followers and encourage all of you to continue the word of mouth campaign that we have begun.

on Twitter it’s @KarthikRajanSF

and I encourage you to click the “Karthik’s Tweets” if you don’t Twitter because there is a live-action, daily, contemporaneous commentary happening there and you can read all of this continuity in one sitting and get a good grasp of where I stand on current issues as they arise.

You can now also just direct any voter to one address to get here:


I will be filing papers sometime in May or June and establishing an HQ in June, although I intend to spend most of the SF summer in cafe’s, bars, restaurants, parks and at events conducting:

The Karthik Rajan Listening Tour of San Francisco 2011

wherein you will help me fill the balloon of my candidacy with the breath of your interests, needs and desires from your next Mayor.

Spend some time and read the blog and feel free to comment anywhere (volunteers welcome) and I will retrieve your comment and reply.