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Decided to expand the blogroll to include last year’s story about City employees’ salaries and the County’s voter turnout statistics – we really need to have more than 300,000 vote this year, folks.

And I added the Bicycle Coalition’s site – We Welcome the Patronage of Cyclists!

and the SF originals Mother Jones and Craigslist.

Many San Franciscan friends remember me as a guy who used to keep a 6×4″ sketchbook in my back pocket, who traveled around chronicling the town like mad. I wrote a novel in SF between 1995-1997 called Mood, which was constructed from notes taken in the City then. It was pre-blogging blogging, like we all used to do before the Internetting.

I made notes about politics and culture and art, bars, restaurants, cafe’s and events [the birth of the first Thursday Art Walk and the erecting of the SFMOMA and Yerba Buena Gardens, Kill Your Television and other SRL events, Clarion Alley Mural Project’s birth and other murals, The Mission School and DJ scenes, Mayors Riordan and Brown and the Board in those days]

Today of course blogging has taken the place of street journalism, so I’ve also added some of the blogs that have emerged in recent years:

Indybay was launched on my birthday in 2000

SFist started in 2004

SF Appeal in 2009

and the Bay Citizen in 2010.

I’ve also added

The Tender … for your daily cut of the Loin,

and several of my favorite places on the net for news and official information

… and the Bay-Guardian.

I just couldn’t be bring myself to include The Comical.

The beauty of the net is that it helps us get on the same page – don’t you think?