I created this site to be a fluid, contemporary place for writing and images as well as to store links to other works of mine over the years. Over the past few days I added the tabs up top and began filling the site with content. Root around at your leisure.

Every day I try to read or at least cursorily skim something like 30 newspapers online. I familiarize myself with the headlines of the day in:

SF papers and blogs; in California papers: the San Jose Mercury News, Sac Bee, Chron, LA Times, Contra Costa Times and Bay Guardian; I read The Boston Globe, NYT, Miami Herald, Christian-Science Monitor, WSJ and The Hill; and internationally, I look at The Hindu, BBC, Le Monde Diplomatique, and the Guardian.

It’s a ton of information and obviously I don’t read the papers “cover-to-cover” in the traditional sense. But it still amazes me how much information about so many places and things I have at my fingertips daily. It has changed so much in my lifetime – from four channels on tv as a child and no internet at university.

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