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Jesse Strickman, of the band Dear Indugu, on guitar/lead vocal giving us a smileworthy eve at the ice cream shoppe (harmony, Leiya Mahoney).

oh and the DI website has downloadable music, a presskit and more.These lyrics to this sweet little tune are by no means authoritative, but …

“Let’s sleep together every night
any bed, any floor, any where’s all right
let’s let our bodies reunite
stay up on pills
just talking til daylight

“let’s whisper on train rides
and metal birds in the sky
let’s be madly honest
yeah, let’s keep every promise

“Let’s go out and see the world
and just try to understand
how this mess unfurled

“let’s make reality swirl
eating plants
drinking wine
laugh until we hurl

“You can teach me your languages
I can teach you chord changes

“We can just do whatever forever and ever
and never get tired whatsoever

“Don’t wanna have a brilliant ballad
’bout a girl who got away
I’d rather write a simple song
about a girl who came to stay.”

[is what I heard. and my favorite harmony is “ality swirl”]