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I’m one of the guys who has been rough on Barry Zito, culminating in my calling him “our own beloved, expensive, Prince of Inability, Barry Zito.” in a story about a game from the Championship Season, Eleven to Eleven in the Bottom of Eleventh [aka The Greatest Comeback in SF Giants History].

Worse, I was verbally and casually at the bar rather abusively mean to Barry Zito throughout the winter. I apologize. I was way out of line.

I feel bad now, because Zeets’ effort and focus (and wins) are back and I have no idea what it must be like to work in his field,I feel bad about it.

but anyway, one of those mean jibes I used to make was:

“Lou Seal works harder than Barry Zito – we ought to make him go out there and wear the Lou Seal costume for as much as we’re paying him …” (and worse) I mean, if he can’t do what we’re paying him to do!”

Ohhhhh snap. that was mean … and I didn’t mean it. I was frustrated and just wanted to defend our World Series Championship. Barry Zito, I am sorry. I really feel bad about that.

Then hilariously on Thursday before the game I had both of them in focus, by chance! This was August 2nd at AT&T Park before the Giants vs. Mets.

I mean the footage as an apology to Barry Zito and an appreciation of Lou Seal. Hector Sanchez, whom the program says the guys call Baby Panda, catches. Watch clip to very end and you’ll catch a glimpse of his eyes. His eyes are incredible. Check out Baby Panda’s eyes from the centerfield camera calling a game. It’s rad.

Unfortunately, just minutes later, Zeets had two outs in the first and all of a sudden lost it: a walk, a walk and a third batter hit by pitch! then a double and another double, spotting the Mets four runs in an exhausting 36-pitch top of the first. ugh.