I began this blog in the first month of 2012 but have filled it with original content dating thirty years back, to the 1980’s. Please do peruse content:

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I’ve been retrieving text files from past decades and scanning old photos and photographing objects, and posting it all here unedited, because I want the work to be arranged chronologically all in one place on the net. This blog’s an actively-updated, net-based archive of the most lucid of my work of the past 30 years, but I’ve also been blogging contemporaneous posts which include:

film and book reviews; photography of landscapes, flora and fauna of California; poetry, essays, tweets and other writing; and video coverage of events like the Space Shuttle Endeavor passing through the Golden Gate, concerts, performances at various venue around the Bay, and coverage of Bay Area professional baseball.

Between now and the end of the year, I’ll be adding more material from the past and posting less contemporaneously, because:

at the end of this year I’m ending this blog

by producing it into a single book made from the content on this site. I’m going to make a single e-book of all of this material and then tie-off this blog as the place to find it.

The idea is to create, using this blog as the template, one book that covers the vast majority of my work between the ages of 14 and 45.

As it stands, there’s a lot of  half-complete content on this site. I will be adding the full texts and additional material that ties the work together in the completed work.

This  text, image and video “book” will be produced as an e-object, but I hope to make it available as a paper object as well that includes cd’s and dvd’s of the audio and video material. This work is as yet untitled, but I’m thinking of it as mid-career review.

Thanks for your support,

M.T. Karthik

[Postscript authored one month later]

P.S. None of you will read this while I’m alive.

but this is the best of who I was from fifteen to forty-five.