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It’s Time Trav number three!

This is the third of a series of posts entitled Time Travel in ’22 with MTK (categorized 22TimeTrav) in which I link back to the archive to posts from on or around today’s date. Meta. In this case it’s links from the month of November over the last 31 years.


31 years ago … was “Carter Ryan” News and Sports Radio Anchor on Intercontinental Radio Taiwan (ICRT)

27 years ago … wrote an article about Rigo 95 for *surface magazine and began a ten year friendship with him

26 years ago … wrote some poems

26 years ago … witnessed the death of a close family friend and wrote about it

22 years ago … covered the Florida Fiasco of the 2000 Election for George magazine

20 years ago … wrote about the off-year elections and accused the Bush Administration of fascism

18 years ago … wrote a public letter to Senator Barbara Boxer beseeching her to contest the election

17 years ago … summarized the tremendous amount of work I did for Pacifica Radio

16 years ago … wrote this poem about changing India

15 years ago … wrote and self-published a poem as an artists book

14 years ago … wrote a detailed analysis of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai

12 years ago … was downtown in San Francisco as the Giants won the World Series

11 years ago … began a book about technology and society called Plug/Unplug

10 years ago … created this blog! and took footage of pelicans and coastal california

9 years ago … covered the 40-year North Oakland tradition called the Turkey Shoot

7 years ago … a poem about the maddening flow of time

6 years ago … did some work about Bob Dylan after he won the Nobel Prize for Literature

5 years ago … some art and kayaked Lake Austin with my son

There you go: thirty-one years of Novembers in:

Taiwan, India, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and San Antonio.

I never sought recognition or made much of an effort to promote myself. That’s why I put everything here. I still seek help to publish and produce both work from the past and current work and am, as always, open to proper collaboration that could get me wider reach, without compromising the identity I have worked so hard to maintain.