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Our first visit to Freetail was awesome! The views are stellar – 360 degrees Hill Country all the way down to the city skyline to the South East. This is my old neighborhood and I can remember looking back that way from up here since I was a little kid, so … there was some nostalgia in it. But gotta say: great spot.

This brewery is Scott Metzger’s long-term work in progress. Hey Scott, our entries are going to be sort of like those, too.

The intern shot video for a feature for the first time and was just getting used to it all so, this, our first visit, is sorta shaky and dark and clunky – weren’t really focused on getting footage since we were busy learning how to use the camera … oh and enjoying ourselves! Great menus – food and beverage!

I will be back to reshoot soon, but anyway, here you go: