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Hills and Dales Ice House is one place that’s been in our neighborhood longer’n us. This spot is definitively #HomeinSanAntone:


I walked in yesterday at 101 (that’s degrees F, not hour of the day) planning to capture a little footage of this laid-back, easy-going watering hole on a Sunday. Come to find, a bunch of regulars were taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. So naturally, I filmed them instead!

Here’s Leroy Thompson, Dan Story, Ginger Toy, Brittney Barton and a reluctant Kenny Griffith doing their bit to raise awareness and money to fight the debilitating condition known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease:

If you don’t know about ALS – known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease because of what it did to one of our strongest athletes – do read up about it here: ALS Association and consider making a donation to fight this painful condition.

Tip o’ the hat to this old stand-by, Hills & Dales, an excellent place to hang out and enjoy refreshing cold beer from all over the world in a mellow, relaxed atmosphere, Home in San Antone, just off 1604 at Babcock, right by UTSA.