It’s Time Trav number four!

This is the fourth of a series of posts entitled Time Travel in ’22 with MTK (categorized 22TimeTrav) in which I link back to the archive to posts from on or around today’s date. Meta. In this case it’s links from the month of December over the last 34 years.


34 years ago … collected ticket stubs from movies of the late-1970’s and ’80’s

27 years ago … wrote some poems

26 years ago … wrote this journalistic essay about my beloved San Francisco

25 years ago … moved to New York City and wrote detailed journalistic essays about it

23 years ago … published a fictional short story in a national magazine

20 years ago … wrote this essay about the hypocrisy and violence of US foreign policy

19 years ago … reported live from Palestine, Jerusalem and Jordan – radio journalism for ten days

18 years ago … traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico

17 years ago … read a bunch of books that year and made a list

16 years ago … traveled to India, where I photographed and purchased three-wheeled vehicles for Tricycle Museum, a collaboration with Rigo 23 that traveled to Portugal

12 years ago … filmed a seagull helping pigeons to food in San Francisco

11 years ago … saw Iggy and the Stooges and the Butcherettes at the Warfield

10 years ago … wrote and posted a LOT to this then brand-new blog

6 years ago … made a statement about atheism and nihilism

5 years ago … I concluded this blog at the age of 50 with book reviews and videos

There you go: thirty-four years of Decembers in:

San Antonio, New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and India.

I never sought recognition or made much of an effort to promote myself. That’s why I put everything here. I still seek help to publish and produce both work from the past and current work and am, as always, open to proper collaboration that could get me wider reach, without compromising the identity I have worked so hard to maintain.